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The Swiss Association of Net Zero Assets Presents:

Capitalize on Maritime Plastic Waste

September 19, 2023 08:00AM

Networking Breakfast
Opening Remarks
The Future of Sustainable Investing: Universal Plastic's Vision and Impact
Exploring Investment Opportunities with Universal Plastic
Interactive Q&A Session
Key Takeaways and Next Steps
Closing Remarks
About Us
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We at the SWISS Association for NET ZERO Assets believe implementing ESG is all about co-creating investment opportunities and leveraging higher returns – not about ticking regulatory boxes with the risk of green washing the current business be it on the company or investment side.

The SWISS Association for NET ZERO Assets was founded by experienced practitioners in industry and financial services to move the needle towards more sustainable investment goals providing higher returns to ultimately shift the focus to where the money needs to flow – sustainable investments to achieve the common NET ZERO goal of 2030 the international community committed on – because there is no planet B. We commit ourself to education, collaboration and foremost the co-creation of NET ZERO Assets bringing companies creating assets and financial services, investing in and managing assets together to scale money flows into ESG / SDG / NET ZERO compliant high return long term assets.

Nils Löhndorf - Moderator
Vice President, Swiss Association of Net Zero Assets
Nils Loehndorf is a serial executive in Banking and Consulting, a passionate advisor, coach and business angel. Nils held senior positions at Commerzbank, Capco, Deloitte, DZ Bank, IBM and Netcetera. He is the founding partner of Finhub 360 Advisors and of the Swiss Association of NET ZERO ASSETS and advises SecuritiesGrid and Advantra Wealth in London. He consults banks and asset managers on ESG topics, from strategy to implementation and is a moderator and speaker on selected conferences (Richmond, FriendsofFunds etc.).
Alvaro Bravo
CEO, Universal Plastic®
Alvaro Bravo, the CEO of Universal Plastic, leads a groundbreaking mission to combat ocean plastic pollution through disruptive technological systems. His innovative approach connects Ocean Defenders with environmentally conscious companies, fostering impactful environmental campaigns and financial support. Alvaro's dedication extends to his role as CEO of 3ranco Sustainable Tech Development, shaping carbon credit models for ecosystem conservation, and as the Founder of Pure Paradise Foundation, leveraging technology for sustainable development. With a visionary touch seen in initiatives like, Alvaro Bravo drives transformative change, uniting technology and sustainability for a cleaner future.
Britt Trago
Chief Impact Officer, Universal Plastic®
Britt Trago is the Chief Impact Officer at Universal Plastic, leading the development of innovative solutions to combat ocean plastic pollution by connecting Ocean Defenders with environmentally conscious companies. With a history of driving positive change, she previously served as a Co-development Advisor at Stichting Boerengroep, bridging academia and sustainable food production, and as a Communication Assistant at Food Council MRA, fostering collaboration for healthier nutrition. Her commitment to societal progress also shone as an Internal Communications Manager at Academie van de Stad, where she contributed to reducing labor discrimination through creative strategies. Through her diverse roles, Britt Trago exemplifies her dedication to a more sustainable, equitable world.
Morgan Deane
CEO, Baader Helvea
Morgan Deane is the CEO of Swiss-based broker-dealer Baader Helvea. Originally an international lawyer, he has worked with some of the world's most prominent financial institutions throughout his career. He is an advisor, mentor and angel investor in early-stage companies focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related ventures in his private capacity. Morgan is a member of the Forbes Finance Council, a regular speaker, and a thought leader in disruptive technologies and innovation. He holds B.A, M.A, LL.B & LL.M degrees and is a U.S. Attorney, admitted to the Federal and Supreme Court (New York).
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